Coupled Thermo Mechanical Analysis

Noise, Vibration and Harness - NVH  Analysis

  • BIW Load Cases

    •Static Stiffness (Global Bending and Torsion Analysis)

    •Normal Modes (Free-Free and Constrained)

    •Trim-Body Load Cases

    •Equivalent Stiffness

    •Dynamic Stiffness

    •Normal Modes

    •Point Mobility Analysis

    •Gage, Grade and Geometry Optimization

NonLinear OPTIMIZATION solutions


*FE Modeling for Safety, Crash & Durability Analysis.
•BIW assembly and integration.
•Hardware & accessories assembling.
•Car Seat Modeling and assembly.
•Engine and Powertrain FE modeling and assembly.
•Dummy model development.
•Material assigning ( Elastic, Plastic, strain rate dependent material).
•Model preparation for LS Dyna, Abaqus and Nastran.
•Composite parts modeling.
•Plastic and Casting parts – Shell and Solid meshing.

Advanced CAE Solutions

•NVH, Durability ,Crash & Safety Analysis

*Model development and Analysis
•Component Structural and Mechanism Analysis
•Gage, Grade and Geometry Optimization
•Multi-Disciplinery, Multi-Objective Optimization,
•Currently supporting for Indian Large Automotive OEMs

                                         DURABILITY  Analysis

  • •Body in White

    •Strength & Stiffness Analysis

    •Durability Analysis (Complete body durability, Fatigue analysis)

    •Inertial Relief and Gravity Analysis

    •Non standard body stiffness/strength load cases.

    •Closures & Component Level Analysis ( CoE for Closures)

    •Panel Stiffness (Oil Canning & Dent and Ding), Strength Analysis

    •Hood and Fender Analysis

    •Side Closures (Swing Door and Sliding Doors Analysis) including Sag, Over pull and other abusive loadcases
    •Rear Closures analysis (Decklid, Endgate and Tailgate Analysis)

                Vehicle Crash Analysis

  • Side, Frontal and Rear impact ( Barriers and Vehicle to vehicle impact, Direct and offset impact.)
  • FMVSS, EC, NCAP ( Euro & US), IIHS regulations.

              Occupant Safety Analysis

  • Driver and passenger - occupant safety
  • Head impact on vehicle interiors ( FMVSS 201, ECE R-21)
  • Seating Analysis
  • Ped-Pro Analysis

OPTISIGN Technologies

Multi-Disciplinery OPTIMIZATION

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