OPTISIGN Technologies, Distributors and customer support for Vanderplaats Research & Development INC for their following Optimisation Tools.

  • GENESIS Structural Analysis and Optimization Software
  • Design Studio for Genesis Design Pre/Post-processing Software
  • ESLDYNA - Optimization based on LS-DYNA® Analysis
  • GSAM - GENESIS Structural Optimization for ANSYS® Mechanical
  • VisualDOC General Purpose Design, Optimization, and Process Integration Software
  • SMS Eigensolver Software
  • DOT Optimization Software
  • BIGDOT Optimization Software
  • Multidiscipline Design Optimization Textbook
  • Academic Optimization Packages



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Vanderplaats Research & Development, Inc., (VR&D) was founded by Dr. Garret N. Vanderplaats in 1984 for the advancement of numerical optimization in industry. Dr. Vanderplaats is a widely recognized expert with over four decades experience in the optimization field. He is a Fellow of the AIAA and is the 2002 recipient of the AIAA Multidiscipline Design Optimization Award “For his great impact on the application of optimization to engineering design through teaching, algorithm development, and the creation of outstanding software.” Over the years, the company has evolved into a premier software company, developing and marketing a number of design optimization tools, providing professional services and training, and engaging in ongoing advanced research. All developers hold advanced degrees (most with Ph.D.s) in design optimization and collectively have nearly 100 years experience in optimization, research, and software development




  •  ​FE Modeling
  • FE Analysis
  • Consultation for Crash, NVH, Durability and Multi Desciplinery Optimisation

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